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According to psychology of human, some people easily move on or get on with it following life’s darker moments, while others tend to linger in the darkness. Perhaps this has something to do with acknowledging or being mindful of one’s shadow side. The shadow may be thought of as the dumping ground for undesirable traits, or those characteristics that have not been brought into consciousness, which may include obsession with dark or solemn moments. Those traits that we find distasteful in others are often clues to characters of our shadows side.

So far, in my life I’ve learned that both growth and transformation are born out of darkness! We can not know the light without experiencing the darkness. Curl Jung  said that when light is made, and so is darkness….”No wonder people only want to enjoy the beauty of light” said Christine Bellington. According to Jungian analyst Robert Johnson in his book Owning Your Own Shadow, there’s gold to be found in shadow, in sense that there is something to learn from it; however, many people resist wanting to mine that gold.

By embracing the opposite in our lives, we are milking the shadow, and that is the saving grace. For the most part, we expend a great deal of energy focusing on the shadow sides and often put light on the back burner of our lives- one of the reasons why many people gravitate to and talk about negative news.

It’s not what we see that matters but the brain  which translates what is seen. It is not the circumstance that’s ahead of us unlike the poor mind which can’t figure out how to overcome the circumstance. It’s not even the people around us that keep pulling us behind to reach our potentials perhaps our failure to prove them wrong. Darkness, becomes the lack of sunshine or joy in life.

It is rather easy to shine in the light but to glow in the dark….that’s mastery!!! We suffer more in imagination than in reality; visualize to actualize.








How I Find My Purpose – Part 1

God and Your Purpose

If I get one question regularly, it is the question of, “How Do I Find My Purpose?”. This is closely followed by, “How do I fulfill my purpose?”.

God has a lot to say about purpose. 

First of all, we need to recognize we have one.

You were not born a random biochemical happening that was destined to drift in life without meaning and without purpose. 

Your Identity and Your Purpose

Your purpose is all wrapped up with who you were created to be. 

And who you were created to be is all wrapped up with the One Who created you. 

Ephesians 2:10 (AMPC) says:

10 For we are God’s [own] handiwork (His workmanship), [a]recreated in Christ Jesus, [born anew] that we may do those good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for us [taking paths which He prepared ahead of time], that we should walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live] 

The first thing we need to recognize is that we are God’s handiwork. 

What does that mean? 

That means He is the One, Who crafted us. Therefore, any place in our hearts’ where we feel less than or a screw up or unworthy is actually an accusation against God – either in His goodness or His ability.

Created to Do Good Works

We were recreated in Christ to do works that are:

  1. good
  2. predestined or planned beforehand
  3. mapped out 
  4. prepared for
  5. and resulting in a good life

The Passion Translation says:

10 We have become his poetry,[a] a re-created people that will fulfill the destiny he has given each of us, for we are joined to Jesus, the Anointed One. Even before we were born, God planned in advance our destiny and the good works[b] we would do to fulfill it!

It brings out that we will fulfill the destiny we have in Christ because of one very juicy fact – that we are joined to Jesus. 

The truth is that we were saved for God and we were saved to walk out the purposes for which we were created. Philippians 2:12 (NIV) says:

12 Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling,

We are to work out what we were saved for – our true identity as sons/daughters of God and the purposes we were crafted for.

Crafted for Your Purpose

Your purpose was crafted for you and you were crafted for your purpose. It is an unveiling that is God I intimately involved in: unveiling you to you and unveiling the purposes for which you were crafted. 

Unveiling happens in the place of intimacy.

Intimacy with God is something that can be developed more and more right from where you are. 

And this is where we will pick up next time.


Realizing yourself,
Realizing yourself as Life!!!

This is an invitation to our thinking minds to open in Trust… We can trust that there’s a knowing that is out of the realm of thoughts/emotions/circumstances… And when we deeply trust our minds open to discover what’s true regardless of what we’re feeling or facing

You might be feeling too less to achieve something in your life

At this extremity the deepest trust  is a by product of the true realization

That we are already a half way the moment we believe in ourselves

You can’t trust people around, your encircle, not even your own ideas unless you trust yourself fully

Need for approval or scared to be criticized are all the basics of fear and of course just a mechanism to protect our ego from being hurt

Create a hind of self that you’ll be happy to live with all your life by fanning the tiny inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement

Trusting comes from believing one’s self… You’ve to start within yourself… Once you believe, you can trust the process and everything around you

It is a simple as it is… If you don’t trust yourself no one will

Your’e definitely lacking motivation from within that the world cannot provide either

If you don’t have Motivation; you’ll feel like a failure in this life
You won’t be able to achieve your desired goals
And you’ll feel like nothing

Keeping up with an attitude to move forward
Never ending improvement is quite vital in progressing

It further helps you learn from your mistakes and slowly achieving one big goal…

Just trust yourself fully then you will know how to live



Guest post

An American film celebrity said, “Surround yourself *only* with the people who are going to pull you up.”

Here’s what I think. In this life we ​​don’t just need people who can pull us up.

Some will pull us up, others will help us to know ourselves better, without necessarily pulling us up; still others will try to destroy us or pull us down. There will be some who will shake us and put apparent beating in our wheels.

Everyone can do us a service without knowing it and serve their primary purpose. It is up to us to know how to play and make the best of all these people.

We can learn to appreciate and adapt to the thousand facets of life.

Some people will lead us to develop our resilience through their behavior;

Others will induce deep interior transformations in a positive way.

In this life we ​​also need the smaller than ourselves.

We also need those who are believed to be poor or without much good, but whose lives can make us reflect on the simplicity and mysteries of existence.

We meet people who have or are something and who will accept to pull us up. We will meet some who will multiply us by zero despite their possibility and maybe even their proximity.

Let’s not take it badly. Everyone will have taught us something.

We especially need those who lead us inside, those who, without being at our level, can lead us further on the path to God.

What is it to be pulled up?

What is the top?

What is the bottom?
Everyone has to answer according to their values.

And if the main thing is simply to know how to give the best of us to those we meet on our life path.


Bob Manara
Sociologist and free thinker



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Seeing folks not taking responsibility of their lives.

The temptation to blame others or find external causes to one’s own issues something that is really modern.

I know right,

Personally I find that sense of responsibility uninteresting.


The role played by responsibility takes over all the curves in our lives not to cease at all

When you’re at school you have to be responsible to your studies

The jobs we’re looking for requires someone responsible

For those after marriages y’all need to be responsible to your partners and families later on

Every level and situation that life is taking us into must encounter for our presence in it

And I think this  is why people differ!!!

In last analysis an individual is responsible for their own lives


If one persists in shifting their responsibilities to somebody else they failed at finding the meaning of their own existence.

There’s no dependence that can be sure but a dependence upon one’s self

Your life can only change to the degree you accept full responsibility of it in each aspect

In life…

Change is unavoidable,

Loss is unavoidable as well


In adaptability with which we experience these lies our happiness and freedom

Just live with good intention,

Choose wisely,

Learn hard,

Do whatchu love,

Walk it to the edge and live as if this is all there is

Our background may have affected who we’re but from now onwards we are responsible for who we become!!!

I consider all of the tragedies in my life to have been gifts to empower me, to make a difference in others

There’s a Purpose even when we’re broken; on a road with many thorns one could make life quite meaningful